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As 2018 comes to an end,

It makes me think back to where I started this year. "Wow" is what I have to say!

As a business, and myself as an artist, we have come so far. It is so amazing when you take a minute to recognize your accomplishments and finally see everything paying off.

I launched whatnotz, an island-inspired jewelry brand in March 2018 to offer locals, tourists and anyone having a connection with this beautiful island to #CarryAPieceOfBarbados wherever they go. I first came out with the “Signature Barbados Friendship Bracelet" in both sterling silver and gold vermeil, available in a polished and brushed finish. I then followed with the "I love Bim Necklace" also in sterling silver and gold vermeil. Be on the lookout for many more styles to come in 2019!  


Soon after, the obvious was to launch the Montreal collection in the shape of my hometown. It was very special to me to combine both my love for Montreal to my most recent home Barbados. All of our pieces are made of precious metals and it is very important to me to offer timeless, high quality jewelry that people will cherish and wear close to your heart.

So now that we have a Barbados inspired bracelet, a Barbados necklace, and a Montreal bracelet...I will just let you guess what is coming next, first thing in 2019..


I have learned so much about myself this year - how far my limits can go and how good it is to make time for yourself, even on your busiest of days. I have also come to realize how important it is to have a personalized service with clients.


Here are my Top 5 Resolutions For 2019 

  1. Take time to myself everyday - this can be having healthier eating habits, taking care of my skin (Wear sunscreen and eat your greens as I tell my son, David). 
  2. Travel more frequently and to more exotic places, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone every once and while. 
  3. Be more eco-conscious especially on a small island like Barbados. (Whatnotz uses a reusable, non-plastic, cotton packaging for all of our jewelry). 

Here are my favorite skincare products that I use in my everyday routine!

Pictured above: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Body Spray, Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, Sunday Riley Auto Correct, Sunday Riley Night Oil,  Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue 

I would like to thank all of you for your support this year - And thank you to everyone behind the scenes, you all know who you are. I can't wait to show each of you all the new, exciting things to come for 2019. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Lots Of Love,


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