Whatnotz: A Cherished Christmas Gift

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 The Must-Have Christmas Fine-Jewelry For 2018!

As I put up my Christmas tree this week, it was very clear to me that the Christmas season was in full swing, and I realized that finding a special gift for someone really is becoming harder and harder every year! Luckily for me, I have the perfect solution for you because if this isn't a great idea as an original, one of a kind gift, then I'm not too sure what else is. 

What makes Whatnotz different from other Jewelry being gifted for Christmas? Well, they have a stunning selection of fine jewelry to match any style or personality and to me, matching a personality to jewelry is the biggest hurdle to cross when picking the right piece! 



About The Whatnotz Jewelry Elements

Gold vermeil and Rhodium Plating are the secrets behind the stunning quality of Whatnotz jewelry. Gold Vermeil is a thick layer of 18 karat gold on a sterling silver base. The benefits are endless - from lasting longer, being hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain any other metals, and not being as expensive as pure gold. Rhodium Plating is derived from Rhodium, a precious metal and gives jewelry a scratch-resistant surface with a white reflective appearance.



Don't forget we have a POP-UP shop tomorrow at The Loft Spa and Blow-dry Bar and this will be the perfect chance for you to pick out your favorite Whatnotz pieces! If you miss it, no worries, heres where you can buy: 

Always Summer Lime Grove
Bougainvillea Barbados
Butterfly Boutique
Cobblers Cove Hotel 
Sandy Lane Hotel - The Boutique 
Suga Apple Swim
Tenika Tang Hair Studio (Accra Hotel and spa) 
Walkers World - Millhouse
1.11 east Beach Bar
ECO Lifestyle Lodge 


Barbados: Order online and get it delivered to you just for an extra USD$7.50 
International Flat Rate: USD$20.00
Canada: Standard (USD $10.00) , Express (USD$18.00)



 We also have available our lovely Montreal Friendship Bracelet which can be shopped at here

We look forward to seeing our beautifully handmade pieces on you wherever you are in the world, showing pride in where you come from, in a beautiful, minimal way.

From all of us at Whatnotz, Happy Holidays!   

With love,


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