How To Care For Your Whatnotz Jewellery

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Now that 2019 has quickly arrived, what no better way than to start the year by incorporating a habit into our daily life that we all seem to lack in doing -Taking care of your jewellery!

All Whatnotz products are made of precious metals with a sterling silver foundation, even our gold vermeil items because if you don’t know already, gold vermeil is a thick layer of 18K gold on top of a sterling silver base. We also play with solid gold pieces from time to time.

Practice Proper Storage

I suggest storing all of your jewellery in either the Whatnotz cotton bag that it comes in or an airtight container. Jewellery is exposed to dust, cosmetics, and perfumes which quickly dulls the surface of both gold vermeil and sterling silver so storage is extremely important!

Pictured above: Silver Brushed Barbados friendship bracelet. Click here to shop.


Proper Care

To clean gold vermeil and sterling silver, use a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth and buff the pieces very gently. Chemical cleaners are a BIG NO. This strips gold vermeil very easily.


General Precautions

I recommend taking your jewellery off before going into pools and the ocean but however, myself and other clients keep ours on simply because we don’t like taking it off and on all the time. Although each piece ages more from this, It seems to add a unique character to it.  

I keep my Geo Bim necklace on all the time and it still looks brand new!

Pictured above: Geo Bim in gold vermeil necklace. Click here to shop

Dry silver please! -  Hot tubs have even more chlorine than swimming pools and the heat is notorious for damaging sterling silver.

Avoid keeping your jewellery on when using lotions and perfumes - Put your lotions and perfumes on, let them dry and then add your jewellery. Chemicals and jewellery don’t go well together.

Final Thoughts

STERLING SILVER - Sensitive to water, however oils in your skin keep it from oxidizing so wear them forever!

GOLD VERMEIL - Only wear if you won’t be sweating excessively or getting your hands wet.


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I hope this information was helpful and that you can apply these tips whenever you purchase a Whatnotz piece!


Chat Soon,

Stephanie x

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