Island In The Sun: 48 Hours In Barbados

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Hello Sunseeker,


Welcome to 48 hours in Barbados. On Saturday morning I woke up to a crisp, November morning, no wind, no clouds, but pure sunshine. I knew I only had 48 hours until my departure so I had to make it count… I mean how can you not get outdoors and explore this incredible island with weather like this?! 

I slowly got myself ready to head out on a coastal adventure. I wrapped my new Whatnotz bracelet on, a summer dress and kicked on my pumas because this adventure was about to get real. I got in the car and turned on my Chill house playlist, wound the windows down and headed straight to my favorite spot on the East Coast for a cup of coffee - ECO Lifestyle And Lodge. Their laidback style is so relaxing, and not to mention their coffee with home-made almond milk was delicious! A slight breeze was present but everything sparkled a little more today. 

Eco Lifestyle And Lodge Coffee Bathsheba Views With My WhatNotz Bracelet

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There was no better way to spend my day on the east coast than having a swim in the tide pools, and relaxing with my toes in the sand, so that I did. What an amazing day this was. 

Eco Lifestyle And Lodge View

Continuing my day, I headed over to the West Coast to one of my favorite restaurants for local seafood - “The Fish Pot”. Their Smoked salmon cheesecake and calamari is to die for! 

The Fish Pot Barbados View

Barbados Sunset Fish Pot

Fish Pot Barbados Calamari

I ate to my heart's content, witnessed yet another beautiful sunset in Barbados and called that a day. See you tomorrow!



Day 2: 

Another hot, cloudless day - that means it's beach day! Where to head to: 1.11 East. They have a great lounging area, beach beds, SUP rentals and an incredible rum punch. This Chic Beach style combines simplicity yet modern meeting the Caribbean. 

1.11 East Beach Bar

1.11 East WhatNotz Bracelet

1.11 East Rum Punch

1.11's "Punchy af" Rum Punch is a must-have! 

1.11 East Charlie

Make sure you meet Charlie, the star of 1.11…He loves to meet new friends. 

1.11 East View Speightstown

After a long day in the sun, head over to "Drift" for cocktails and wind down with the sun to chill music and the sound of the ocean. 

Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge Holetown

Sunset Mojitos

Barbados Sunset

And so the sun went down, and my 48 hours were coming to an end so I will leave you here.  I highly suggest that you try these great, unique places out! You won't be disappointed!

Thats all for now,



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